How can you mail a Rick Roll?

We send a tiny package, that upon opening, triggers the chorus of this infamous song to play on repeat until closed. These come in multiple varieties, the two current options are the Classic Rick Roll and Unexpected John Cena with Trump in a Box on pre-order!

I don't know the address of the person I'm sending this to.

Google where they work and get that address. It's usually posted. And a lot funnier.

Who should I Rick Roll?

You probably know like 300 people. Why not all of them? If you're still at a loss, try this suggestion from dicksbymail.com:

1) Coworkers
2) Ex Girlfriend/Boyfriend
3) Roommates/Landlords
4) Your best Friend
5) The Westboro Baptist Church
6) Teachers
7) Your estranged father
8) Favorite Politician
9) The man that killed your father/brother/dog
10) Frank Stalone

Can I customize the message?

Nope. We feel it 's best if the same message is delivered to all. It keeps people guessing. 

Do we do custom jobs?

Yes, as long as it makes sense for both of us. The basic requirement is that you order more than 5 boxes, which we are able to bulk ship to a given address.

What about publicity? 

Have a particular public figure with an audience, or are you one? If you send us the information, we'll send the box for free. We don't have a media kit, the product speaks for itself. If you video any recipient receiving a box, and allow us to share it, we'll send you a code for a free box.